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  • Agarwood Chips

MT is dealing with manufacturing and exporting of Agarwood and related products from owned plantations. MT's plantation has more than 35,000 agarwood trees that can supply agarwood oil, agarwood chips and other related in high capacity. MT provides only the high quality and pure agarwood.

MT has our owned inoculation techniques.

MT also distributes the high quality microbial products for agriculture.

Myanma Treasure Profile

Location: Myanma Treasure (MT) is situated at the No (7/52), Lesu Kuan-Sar-Kyaung Street, Shwe-set, Myitkyina, MYANMAR (BURMA).

Establishment: MT has been co-operated with very expertise persons in each specified area.

International and National Linkages: MT has also afflicted with research projects on Developments and Quality controls are carried out in collaboration with Japan, Korea, Ministry of Co-operatives, Department of Environmental and Forestry and Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar.

Sales and Marketing: Products are produced not only for local market. Producing evidence based Bio/Organic Products, MT is well known for its products on Quality and Purity.

Nursery and Plantation: Seek the seeds species that can provide the most oil with great aromatic scent. Nursery is the new born and young plant for better grows by organic growing practice. We carefully cultivated to get the highest yield. MT manages how to prevent and preserve the natural resources.

Artificial Inoculation (AI): MT use biotechnology for wood resinous at proper time. Using our owned biotechnology, MT produced good quality products (resin) under the guidelines laid down by CITE (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). All products of MT are bio-organic, genuine and pure 100%.

MT has also invited the foreign professors (especially Professor Kil Yong Kim) and made farmer-talk seminar as by the request of farmers who wants to get environmentally friendly agricultural techniques and gives farmer-talks, events many places around the country to educate famer.